Increase Focus › 45 to 60 mins


  • Create a Steady & Strong Yoga Foundation49:07
    Create a Steady & Strong Yoga Foundation

    Zephyr Wildman

    Learn how to stay safe during your yoga class; how to be strong and engage the correct muscles when you do your yoga practice. This sequence breaks down some basic biomechanics; learn how to engage the glutes and core in your practice to stabilise your yoga.This is a slightly different way to practice a yoga class. It encourages a greater control while in yoga poses and more of an even distribution of work for the whole body. The results is a refinement of body, mind and energy. You will need a strap and a belt.

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  • Yoga For Happiness (3): Patience48:57
    Yoga For Happiness (3): Patience

    Nikita Akilapa

    In this yoga class, Nikita will take you through a slow vinyasa flow with a focus on patience. If you are able to see with honesty where you are, you are able to grow from this point of awareness. But growth doesn't necessarily happen quickly. Expansions will happen a a rate and pace that feels appropriate to the body, the heart, the mind. When we rush, when we push too far too fast, we can often be met with some form of shut-down. Without any harsh judgement of yourself, consider the ways that you could be more patient. It could be moving more slowly on the commute, it could be by allowing your loved ones to do things in their own way at their own pace. Where can you afford to introduce some more patience to your life? You may need a brick.

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  • Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Flow52:01
    Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Flow

    Lizzie Reumont

    Beginning with the Magic 10 to start this classic Jivamukti yoga class. During the Magic 10, expect long counted holds and a handstand at the wall for those who are ready. During the counted long holds without further instruction, this is great for finding a more meditative state during your asana practice. We then continue with intention setting and the classic, well rounded Jivamukti vinyasa yoga practice, which includes headstand for those who can. You may need two blocks.

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