Stress/Anxiety › 45 to 60 mins


  • Yoga For Happiness (3): Patience48:57
    Yoga For Happiness (3): Patience

    Nikita Akilapa

    In this yoga class, Nikita will take you through a slow vinyasa flow with a focus on patience. If you are able to see with honesty where you are, you are able to grow from this point of awareness. But growth doesn't necessarily happen quickly. Expansions will happen a a rate and pace that feels appropriate to the body, the heart, the mind. When we rush, when we push too far too fast, we can often be met with some form of shut-down. Without any harsh judgement of yourself, consider the ways that you could be more patient. It could be moving more slowly on the commute, it could be by allowing your loved ones to do things in their own way at their own pace. Where can you afford to introduce some more patience to your life? You may need a brick.

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  • Inner Axis - All Levels59:50
    Inner Axis - All Levels

    Max Strom

    Inner Axis is new wellbeing movement class developed by Max Strom and deals directly with stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness. It is gentle and graceful, utilising breath-­based yoga inspired movement, inspiring visualizations, and immediately effective relaxation techniques. It is accessible to all fitness levels. A very calming practice, a great antidote for stressful modern lives. (There is no chanting or sanskrit.)

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  • Kundalini Kriya55:04
    Kundalini Kriya


    A kriya is a specific sequence of postures or actions for a specific purpose. I like to call them recipes, each step works in turn to create a specific effect for your body, mind and spirit. There are hundreds of Kundalini Kriyas, this one is called the Kriya for Elevation. It is a simple practice involving lots of flexing the spine, stretching of the legs and stimulating breath of fire. The practice finishes with a more challenge held meditation Sat Kriya which is a key practice in kundalini Yoga. It encourages circulation of panic life force through all the chakras. It’s a great practice to help relieve symptoms of depression. This sequence has breath of fire to begin with so please watch my introduction to Kundalini Yoga if this is a new practice for you or you haven’t quite mastered it yet. Tune in to this traditional Kundalini yoga class or Kriya, as they are known in the Kundalini tradition. This full Kundalini yoga class involves chanting, mudra and physical hatha yoga poses and a beautiful, long Savasana to finish.

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  • Elemental Flow: Calling In Vastness (Ether)54:13
    Elemental Flow: Calling In Vastness (Ether)

    Lucy McCarthy

    A spacious vinyasa flow yoga class that uses the breath and movement to cultivate a sense of expansion and space in mind, body and heart. Ideal for days when you're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, this vinyasa flow class starts with breathwork, then moves onto an all-levels soothing flow and ends with a long restorative version of legs up the wall savasana and a breath-work meditation to create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom. You may need a block.

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  • Teen Yoga: Full Body Yoga for Beginners45:59
    Teen Yoga: Full Body Yoga for Beginners

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    A perfect yoga class for teenagers, or anyone who needs some extra groudning and support. This yoga class has plenty of sun salutations to warm up and strengthening core poses for strength. You’ll need to be near a wall for supported shoulder stand. The class finishes with standing poses to help you feel grounded and centred. This class, perfect to ground anxiety in teens or young adults, but is perfect for any of us looking for a whole body strengthen and stretch. Ending with a sumptuous, full body relaxation. Based on traditional Sivananda Hatha yoga.

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  • Mindful Movement54:40
    Mindful Movement

    Clive Fogelman

    This super-slow and mindful yoga class takes place all on the back. It is great to wind down the day, or even start the day very gently. With guided mindful breathing and guided meditations, this mindfully paced slow flow is ideal for reducing stress or anxiety.

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  • Compassion through Slow Flow55:22
    Compassion through Slow Flow

    Bridget Woods-Kramer

    In this mindfully slow-flow vinyasa yoga class, Bridget explores the theme of compassion to ourselves. Class starts with a 10 minute discussion reminding us the importance of being compassionate to ourselves. The asana is a slow flow which focuses on the hips, with plenty of lunging work and variation. There is an opportunity for a handstand suppported by the wall or a partner and class finishes with a long, nourishing guided relaxation. You may need a belt, a wall and a partner could be handy too!

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  •  Yin Yoga for Freedom47:02
    Yin Yoga for Freedom

    Norman Blair

    A quiet, restful yin yoga class where each pose is held for long enough to truly deepen into your yoga. As we deepen into our stretches, we become closer to our bodies, to who we are. We are able to start to live life from the authentic place of where we are, not where we were or where we want to be. Fantastic life-skills in the form of yoga. You will need cushions or a bolster and a blanket and prepare to deepen your yoga practice

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  •  Quietly Restful Yin Yoga47:02
    Quietly Restful Yin Yoga

    Norman Blair

    A beautifully restful all-level yin yoga class which focuses on inner quietness through the holding of restful, gentle yoga poses. Norman teaches us how to watch and calm the mind and focus on the body whilst holding yoga poses. A fantastic class for after a busy day, after a long drive or for before bed. A great combination of calm mind and restful body. This is the king of classes. You will need a block, cushion or pillow for support and a bolster.

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  • Lunar Practice50:00
    Lunar Practice

    Zephyr Wildman

    This nourishing yoga class is great for when our bodies are crying for extra nourishment and support. Perfect for the day after the night before, the day after a big athletic event, for that time of the month or for when you need to settle the nervous system. The perfect spa for body, mind and soul. Props: bolster or pillows.

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