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  • Honour Your Flow: Restorative Yoga for Your Cycle54:03
    Honour Your Flow: Restorative Yoga for Your Cycle

    Lucy McCarthy

    This restorative yoga class is especially for low energy days. Suitable for everyone who needs extra nourishment and support, but these poses are especially great to also relieve symptoms you may experience during your moontime such as releasing heat from hips, relieving cramps, headache and aching. Restorative yoga is wonderful at restoring energy levels, cooling the body and calming the body’s system. You will need a bolster, a chair, two bricks, an eye-bag and a blanket.

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  • Pelvic Floor Awakening57:32
    Pelvic Floor Awakening

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    Everyone needs to take care of their pelvic floor. The first 10 minutes is a tutorial to bring about deep awareness and understanding of this area. Gentle supine movements eventually build to a stronger standing flow working core stability and balance, all with a focus on caring for your pelvic floor. Gentle, slow paced and extremely beneficial for everyone. You may like to have blocks or a bolster ready for support during the final relaxation.

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  • Lunar Practice50:00
    Lunar Practice

    Zephyr Wildman

    This nourishing yoga class is great for when our bodies are crying for extra nourishment and support. Perfect for the day after the night before, the day after a big athletic event, for that time of the month or for when you need to settle the nervous system. The perfect spa for body, mind and soul. Props: bolster or pillows.

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