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Post-Natal Yoga

Online yoga is especially suitable for new mum’s who may be juggling with the new timetable, sleeplessness and not be able to leave home very much. Do wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth to bond with baby and recover. You may be ready to return to their regular practice after 8 - 10 weeks after giving birth, but it is really important that you consult their doctor for advice on when to resume practicing yoga. You may be tempted to do some ”˜core’ work, but again, only do this when your body is really ready and you have discussed this with your doctor.

Please don’t rush any exercise, listen to the body and do not feel compelled to follow any post-natal celebrity fitness/weight-loss miracles. Take responsibility for your own body.

Benefits of post-natal yoga

  • Increases energy and rejuvenates the mind
  • Strengthens the back, abdominal and pelvic-floor musclesShow more




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