Sally Parkes

Sally Parkes

Sally began teaching in 1998 and has specialised in pregnancy and post-natal yoga since 2007. Sally takes inspiration from her guru Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and also incorporates exercise physiology, Pilates and other movement methods.

A mother of two little girls, Sally has trained as a doula with Michel O’Dent and with Jennifer Walker of Spinning Babies. Author of The Students Guide to Yoga Anatomy, Sally is known for her humour, warmth and all inclusive presentations. A certified Experienced and Senior Yoga Teacher and teacher trainer, Sally’s current focus is on delivering thorough pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher training.

Sally's challenges:

  • Cellular Renewal Cleanse

    7 Steps

    The ultimate programme to restore and supercharge with expert instruction across nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.

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  • Postnatal Practices

    26 Steps

    Gentle postnatal yoga classes to help you re-connect with yourself and connect with your baby

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  • New Mums

    14 Steps

    Feel-good Yoga for new mums.

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