Sally Parkes

Sally Parkes

Sally Parkes (BSc.) has over twenty years teaching experience in the fitness industry and has a Honours Degree in Exercise Physiology. She trained as an Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in 2004 with Paul Dallaghan, before continuing her studies in Mysore, India. 

Upon becoming a mother however, she heard her calling to teach Pregnancy Yoga and now specialises in delivering pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher trainings around the world. Sally's training is unique in that she shares her extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology, whilst weaving all elements of the yoga tradition in order to empower the mother to be to bring her baby safely and lovingly into the world.

Now a mother of two daughters, Sally also pens many articles for major publications and is the author of the bestselling book The Guide to Yoga Anatomy. Certified as an Experienced and Senior Yoga Teacher, Sally is known for her humour, warmth and inclusive presentations, and has delivered yoga teacher training in the UK, Asia and the Middle East.

Courses with Sally

  • Postnatal Practices
    Postnatal Practices

    26 Steps

    Gentle postnatal yoga classes to help you re-connect with yourself and connect with your baby

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  • New Mums
    New Mums

    14 Steps

    Feel-good Yoga for new mums.

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  • Home Postnatal Retreat
    Home Postnatal Retreat

    7 Steps

    A home retreat for post natal women to do with and without their baby

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  • Barre and Pilates
    Barre and Pilates

    16 Steps

    Join Amy Holly, Sally Parkes & Vanessa Michielon for our energising and strengthening barre and pilates course.

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  • Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter
    Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter

    28 Steps

    Classes of 30 minutes and under to develop a sustainable yoga practice for life. It's the smallest steps that can lead to the greatest transformations.

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  • New Year Yoga Challenge
    New Year Yoga Challenge

    30 Steps

    (Re)commit to doing yoga every day! Perfect for us who get busy or get distracted, and adventurers who like a variety of teachers and styles. Take small steps to our 2023 intention of yoga every day with under 30-minutes of yoga each day.

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