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These practices are great for the morning. They are especially designed to give you some get up and go, no matter how much time you have;  if you're giving yourself a short weekday gift of starting the day well or a beautiful, longer energising weekend practice to give yourself the time and space you need to feel just great.

We think you'll find that the day goes with so much more panache and ease after you start the day by getting moving.


  • Menopause Yoga: Finding Ease01:01:16
    Menopause Yoga: Finding Ease

    Petra Coveney

    This gentle vinyasa yoga class is designed as a moving meditation to calm your mind and nervous system to help you prepare for rest. It is followed by Petra’s ‘disappear from the world’ restorative yoga poses, Max Strom’s ‘Mind Meets the Breath’ meditation and breath work, before ending with a relaxation practice, seated meditation and a mantra. You will need a strap or belt, a bolster, a cushions, 2 blankets, 2 blocks and 1 cork yoga brick or weighted eye pillow (or equivalent). NB - Modifications: hip and knee injuries take care. If you experience hot flushes, keep your head level with your heart. Osteoporosis: avoid flexion rounding your back in forward folds; keep your spine straight. Claustrophobia: avoid placing the blanket over the head. Headaches: avoid placing weight on the head. Trauma and previous experience of panic attacks: breathe at your own pace and pause the practice when needed.

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