Petra  Coveney

Petra Coveney

Petra Coveney is the founder of Menopause Yoga - the world’s first specialist yoga practice designed to support women on their Menopause journey. Founded in 2013, Menopause Yoga unites the latest western medical science with eastern wellbeing, and is grounded in many years of research and work with menopausal women.

Petra is a senior teacher and trainer with the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals, and the first yoga teacher to become a member of the British Menopause Society for health practitioners. She works with menopause specialist doctors, including Dr Louise Newson at Newson Health Menopause & Wellbeing Centre, runs classes, courses and the world’s first menopause specific teacher training course, which is accredited by both the British Wheel of Yoga and Yoga Alliance Professionals. Petra has now trained more than 400 qualified Menopause Yoga teachers in over 26 countries worldwide. Her course has been translated into Japanese. Her book ‘Menopause Yoga -an holistic guide to supporting women on their menopause journey,’ is published by Singing Dragon Books.

Fir more information about her public classes, workshops and teacher training course please visit her website: and follow her on Instagram @menopause_yoga

Her positive approach to The Menopause includes specially adapted yoga asana, breathwork and meditation techniques from the Hatha yoga tradition, as well as Yin and restorative yoga. Her non-dogmatic approach is influenced by the principles of Indian Ayurveda and the Traditional Chinese Medicine concept of ‘Second Spring’ –the stage of renewal and wisdom in a woman’s post reproductive life.  She has also trained with the inspirational Alexandra Pope and The Red School.

Petra says: “Menopause Yoga educates and empowers women with knowledge about The Menopause so that they can embrace the changes in their minds, bodies and emotions.

“Menopause isn’t just a list of symptoms, or a medical marker for the end of a woman’s fertility – it is so much more. The Menopause is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual transition, a bridge between your past and future self. It is an opportunity to gain deep insight, reconcile and let go of past pain and emotions that may be holding you back, accept yourself with love and kindness - so that you can step into your post menopause life feeling liberated, happier, healthier. The Menopause is a woman’s ‘Great Awakening’ of spiritual consciousness. It holds the key to feeling more  empowered and can unlock a self confidence that comes from a joyous self-acceptance of ourselves. We call this your ‘feminine power.’

“Women in the past would have taken this journey together, supporting each other at this major axis of change. We can still come together, and benefit from our super power: the ability to feel the warm embrace of oxytocin – the happy hormone that is naturally released when women hug and huddle together in a community – even online.”

“The simple yoga, breathing and meditation techniques we use in Menopause Yoga can help alleviate the main symptoms of menopause, such as hot  flushes and night sweats, menopause rage and irritability, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, lethargy and low mood. And the guided Journal writing can open the door to your own self-discovery, to guide you through your own individual and unique menopause transition.

“My philosophy: Menopause is an opportunity to take a pause in your busy Nurture & Nourish take time for Self Study and learn more about your changing body, mind and release, rest and finally re-emerge into your Second Spring feeling refreshed and ready for this next exciting stage of life.”
Menopause Yoga sits perfectly with the wisdom of Alexandra Pope and The Red School philosophy, and is complimented by the practices of other MFML teachers who are experts in yin yoga, restorative yoga, somatic movement, sleep recovery, slow vinyasa flow, qigong and other forms of breath initiated movement. I hope you enjoy your menopause journey with Movement for Modern Life and the wealth of expert teachers to guide you on your way.”