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  • Lift Your Spirits 41:46
    Lift Your Spirits

    Aoife Kane

    This vinyasa yoga class will get your heart moving and lift your spirits through a fast pace right from the very start and focusing on backbends. This class is a light-hearted way to start the day and will get you moving. Accessible for beginning intermediates with modifications, you will need a block.

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  • Letting Go Vinyasa Flow50:01
    Letting Go Vinyasa Flow

    Jean Hall

    This slow flow class is designed to rid the body and mind of tensions which accumulate as a result of life's experiences. These tensions can hold us back, so the class focuses on releasing them so that, in time, we are ready to move on. The class begins slowly and mindfully with supine breathing practices for the first eight minutes. If you want to get moving sooner, but still gain the benefit of tension release, you may want to start with child's pose eight minutes into class. This class is a slow vinyasa flow, focusing on mindfulnes and release.

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  • Compassion through Slow Flow55:22
    Compassion through Slow Flow

    Bridget Woods-Kramer

    In this mindfully slow-flow vinyasa yoga class, Bridget explores the theme of compassion to ourselves. Class starts with a 10 minute discussion reminding us the importance of being compassionate to ourselves. The asana is a slow flow which focuses on the hips, with plenty of lunging work and variation. There is an opportunity for a handstand suppported by the wall or a partner and class finishes with a long, nourishing guided relaxation. You may need a belt, a wall and a partner could be handy too!

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  • Blue Valentine21:30
    Blue Valentine

    Leila Sadeghee

    Refresh your soul with this beautiful heart-opening practice. Leila leads an easy flowing vinyasa which opens the side body and chest and finishes with a luxurious supported backbend with some tips for self massage for added TLC.

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