Bridget Woods-Kramer

Bridget Woods-Kramer

We are thrilled to introduce Internationally acclaimed teacher Bridget Woods-Kramer on Movement for Modern Life.

Bridget started her study of self and yoga in India in 1975 to become a senior teacher. She has concentrated on teaching yoga since 1988. As a visionary in the fitness market she has authored numerous articles and books.

In 1991, Bridget started teaching for SYDA yoga foundationand after a move to California headed the Hatha Yoga department based in Los Angeles. Over the coming years Bridget has worked with many great teachers having studied with John since 1994. She selected Anusara® as her main focus, enthused by John's passion. She taught for several years at Yoga Works, having completed their teacher training.

Bridget's challenges:

  • 15 Day Core Challenge

    15 Steps

    Discover the range and fun you can have whilst building your core for good posture and good looks.

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  • Cellular Renewal Cleanse

    7 Steps

    The ultimate programme to restore and supercharge with expert instruction across nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.

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