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We're so sorry you are feeling tired but you have come to the right place for a pick me up. These classes are for when it is almost to much to even roll out your mat. Whether you’re recovering from injury or illness, you are differently abled, you have a low energy syndrome, you’re getting on a bit or you’re just a bit tired right now, these classes will provide a gentle way to move, included some seated yoga classes. We promise these videos will not ask too much of you physicaly or mentally and when you are done you will feel better, warmer, glad that you came.  Remember that our Yin and Restorative Section might be a good option for you today and that Breath-work is available to all bodies as is Meditation and Show more



  • Flow and Restore36:58
    Flow and Restore

    Clive Fogelman

    The perfect yoga class for when you need the benefit of an active flow and a restorative practice. It is ideal for when you're tired or overwhelmed and need to give yourself permission to restore, but the body and mind aren’t ready just to be still and lie down. Start with a replenishing, gentle, flowing movement practice and then transition into nurturing restorative poses.You will need a bolster and a block.

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