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‘I love you just the way you are’ are the famous words of Barry White. But there’s a reason why, decades on, his song is still popular.

Deep down, we are all longing for that feeling of completeness, to be loved exactly the way we are. Nothing needing to do, nothing needing to change. In our heart of hearts, we know that exactly as we are is already more than enough, we are pure love, we are pure bliss already. No need for any purchases, any partner, any pets – our true self is already and absolutely perfect and complete (although, I’ll put my hands up, I do love my pets, and purchases and partners make for a fun journey in this lifetime!).

This deep down truth is also the reason why, I believe, that yoga has touched so many souls. Because with our practice we’re able to, sometimes just for a moment, access our inner bliss. Our innate state, the real ‘me’ is one of pure contentment and joy. The other ‘stuff’ that crowds our life, the busy-ness, the mask of our egos, the job, the partner, the house – this is all just biography. And most of that is just a question of chance birth, chance encounters, chance opportunities. Nothing that any of us has any business to be too attached to!

But what we can get really attached to is the search for this state of inner-bliss. The real contentment inside that we all have underneath the shadows and insecurities. I practice yoga to uncover the ‘real me’ from the clothes I wear, so that I can remind myself that there is no separation, there is no need for anything or anyone else.

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Isn’t it funny that it seems to take so much work to access the most original, the most natural thing about us all, and everything in the natural world. We are all complete, we are all perfect, exactly the way we are.

With love
Kat xxx

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