Karma, The Law of Cause and Effect


Often folks will say ‘urgh, this always happens to me’ – they’re talking about things from attracting ‘that kind’ of partner to employer, friends or even life situations. Of course, we keep getting caught in the same cycles because we keep on doing the same thing which causes the same results.


That’s the law of Karma. It’s basically very much like chemistry. The law that states that every action creates a reaction.

So, when we engage in the same behaviour, taking the same actions, have the same thoughts – so the results will be the same!

But It’s Not Always Simple!

Although Karma has a name for being the ‘law of vengeance’ against those who do us wrong (as in, to the boyfriend who cheated on us – karma will come back to bite) – it’s not really that simple. The law of Karma does mean that there will be repercussions to the action, but like chemistry, we need to think of all of the constituent molecules, every part of the action, and our behaviour as well!

The only way to break our Karmic cycles is to take a look inwards, see what we’re doing that is causing the repeated actions and behaviour.

Yoga Is An Inside-Job

This is hard! Who said that looking inside was easy? But yoga is an inside-job, and luckily, it’s the perfect way to get to know yourself. Get to know the kind of cycles, the kind of body, the kind of mind that you inhabit.

Of course, this is really tough! First of all, even seeing, just acknowledging patterns in our life is HUGE, and really hard! It often takes us several decades in to start to see these, and only then when we have some very well-established internal practices to help us to see our own life clearly. This is just yet another reason why I truly am grateful for the impact that yoga has had on my life – the ability to see the ‘wood for the trees’.


And then we need to very consciously start to change the things that need to be changed. Every single breath we take has some impact on the world, every thought, every word, every action. Karma is knowing this, and knowing that with our every breath is an ability to change ourselves, each other and the world we live in!

That’s quite some responsibility!

If everything we are, and have is a result of Karma, then everything else that we see is as well! This responsibility for the world is both very wonderful, and very frightening. We simply cannot turn our backs on situations we collude in, or the world we co-create with our fellow humans.

The simple law of Karma is one very simple reason to help in any way that you can in life, and to ask the question – are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? For everything! From your repeated cycles of the partners you attract, to the people you surround yourself with who seem to mysteriously behave in the same way to you – to the broader social issues we see around us.

As yogis, and as those who are consciously taking each step forward in the world with thought, it is for us to look at the environmental and social consequences of the world we have co-created.ourmala

This week we have teamed up with Ourmala, who are doing some brilliant work for refugees, many of whom, are vulnerable and have suffered forms of abuse. It is your choice as to the steps you take in this life, just know that each step is as massive a responsibility as it is a joy.

with love


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