Meet Miss Nutritionist


Find out more about our inspirational new columnist, Miss Nutritionist, and how yoga fits into her healthy lifestyle.

Tell us a bit about yourself….

My name is Rosie Millen. I set up Miss Nutritionist in 2010 after graduating and it’s been going from strength the strength ever since. In 2014 I developed a health condition called Adrenal Fatigue and have been on a long journey of recovery ever since. Now I’m 90% recovered I specialise in fatigue and help women of all ages across the country to regain their energy just by making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

I’ve personally coached thousands of women to increase their energy, helped multiple companies give their employees more energy and written hundreds of blog posts in how to recovery from burnout and am also in the beginning stages of writing a book on the subject.

Why do you love yoga?

I love it because it’s a discipline but also because it’s the perfect combination of a challenge as well as de stress at the same time.

Why do you practice with MFML?

Because I can find videos that suit my pace and my time.

Describe your daily yoga routine

I don’t do yoga every day because my energy levels still really fluctuate but typically I will do it three times a week. My favourite time to do yoga is Saturday morning first thing because it’s the perfect way to start to the weekend!

How does yoga benefit your life?

It helps to focus me when I’m feeling overwhelmed and it calms my mind when it’s particularly busy. It’s a discipline that makes me feel virtuous and centred every time.

Why would you encourage someone who is new to yoga to start practicing?

Because it’s a great way to step momentarily out of a busy life and into a calm one. It’s amazing for reducing the stress hormone cortisol in the blood stream.

De-stress like Rosie!

We recommend MFML class Quick Fix To Calm. Have this in your yoga toolkit – it’s super effective at changing your mindset and bringing you calm in a matter of minutes.


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