A Transformational Morning of Yoga


On a slow September morning, our founder Kat and MFML teacher Zephyr Wildman took a little bit of magic from our yoga transformation course and brought it to the studio.

As we gathered together, led by Kat and Zephyr Wildman, the group learned of 10 tiny ways that we can all invite positive change into our lives.

A beautiful, uplifting and inspiring way to start the day, the morning was a snapshot into the power of our 30 Day Transformation Course with the marvellous Zephyr.

WOW! You could feel the change in the room – reminding everyone of just why we practice yoga! It was an emotional experience. Starting the day with transformative yoga practices that can deepen and enrich our lives, we really felt how yoga makes us more connected to life, more open to possibilities and – yes – begin to transform!

And we’re so proud that anyone can access all of this from their own living room!

“When I started movement for modern life’s Transformation Challenge, I was painfully sleep deprived, and had long lost sight of my own needs. I was juggling two jobs, a toddler & a pre-schooler, and it had been over a year since I’d found myself, via my mat. Prosaic as it sounds, as I sat to watch Lesson 1 of 30, with Zephyr Wildman, it was as though my body whispered a sigh of relief, then thanks. Over the next 29 days, I practiced mantra, nidra, asanas & unravelled in many ways too.” Eminé

“The MFML 30 Day Transformational Yoga Course was a port in the storm of my life which quietly opened my mind and my heart, soothed my soul and enabled me to choose not to return to fight the raging seas, but explore this new place. I will be forever grateful.” Joanne

We hope our update has inspired you to try our 30 days of Transformative Yoga Practices! You can find our challenge here, do let us know how you get on!



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