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These classes are especially for you if you are going through times of change or if you would like to change things in your life and want a helping hand with tranformation. These yoga videos will give you and a helping hand in dealing with the highs and as well as lows of life.



  • New Mums Series (1) Nourish Me26:00
    New Mums Series (1) Nourish Me

    Kristi Rodelli

    A yoga class in the Forrest yoga style to open the shoulders and the upper back whilst strengthening the core. Feel your heart opening as your upper back opens. Starting with shoulder openers, then shoulder opening child's pose variation, abdominal strengthening and backbends. This class is perfect for those of us who need an antidote to time at a desk, or have stiff shoulders and upper back, and wonderful for new mums too. You will need two blocks.

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  • Slow Flow for Shoulders36:17
    Slow Flow for Shoulders

    Aoife Kane

    A forrest-insprired yoga class with special emphasis on unwinding the neck, shoulders and upper-back, areas which plague most of us who spend too much time looking at computers, or for the stressed-amongst us, who carry stress in the shoulders and upper-back. A deeeply stress-relieving class, be ready to be unwound as you slow flow! You may need a strap, you will need an extra, rolled up yoga mat.

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  • Forrest Yoga: Release & Transform17:20
    Forrest Yoga: Release & Transform

    Ana Forrest

    Forrest Yoga's creatrix Ana Forrest introduces a revolutionary new way to move. She shows the Forrest yoga methods of releasing tension in the neck and shoulders, soothing stressed minds, building core strength and improving lower back strength. All in this short practice. Curious? We were and were blown away with Ana’s sequence.

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