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These classes are especially for you if you are going through times of change or if you would like to change things in your life and want a helping hand with tranformation. These yoga videos will give you and a helping hand in dealing with the highs and as well as lows of life.


  • Yoga for Osteopenia35:49
    Yoga for Osteopenia

    Petra Coveney

    This is a brief yoga tutorial of some of the ways you can use a chair to modify your yoga practice if you have osteopenia (weakened bones) which can affect women as they go through the menopause. If you have osteoporosis, you must always consult your GP before practising yoga, and ask your osteopath or physiotherapist which range of movement is suitable for your body.

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  • Play With Inversions08:53
    Play With Inversions

    David Kam

    A tutorial for those who have a strong inversion practice, either headstand or forearm stand and who are looking for a challenge when already stable upside down. This class is best done with a partner. Build control in your centre whilst in an active inversion through multiple leg variations.

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  • Restorative Yoga: What, Why & Using What You Have04:41
    Restorative Yoga: What, Why & Using What You Have

    Adrianna Zaccardi

    What is restorative yoga is and how it can have such a powerful effect on your overall wellbeing and life? This short video describes that despite the stigma of relaxation, this practice really is for everyone at every stage of their life. This is a radical practice. There is nothing quite as bold as making the time to be still. Don’t have blocks, or a bolster? Then this video is for you. Adrianna shows you how to use alternatives to yoga props during your restorative practice so that you feel empowered to rest now, with whatever you have at home.

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