Kristi Rodelli

Kristi Rodelli

A certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Kristi first discovered yoga when she was working as a Youth Worker in her native country, New Zealand. She traveled to Hong Kong and China in 2003 where she explored more deeply the physical, emotional, and spiritual practice of yoga.

Kristi qualified as an Anusara Yoga teacher and began teaching at PURE Yoga in Hong Kong, gathering a rich amount of experience teaching, while furthering her training with teachers from all over the world.

It is through Forrest Yoga that Kristi found healing, and discovered the true power; and beauty that had unfolded in her own life.

Kristi believes in working hard, but working mindfully and is committed to empowering others to find strength and integrity on and off the mat.

When you have tried a few online classes, why not check out Kristi's retreats with Destination Yoga?

Kristi's challenges:

  • 15 Day Core Challenge

    15 Steps

    It’s not just about being fit. The core is the powerhouse that generates nearly every movement we make. Strong abdominals protect our backs in everyday life and lie at the core of our yoga practice. Plus, they make us look amazing! The days of doing endless crunches without results are long gone - this challenge will help you use movement toward building deep, strong core muscles and flexibility. This is a journey into all the styles, poses, sequences and aspects of your core.

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  • 21 Day Improvers Challenge

    21 Steps

    This challenge is for those who have practiced some yoga before. This series could be just the thing to reignite your love of movement and breathing, and inspire you to get into a more regular routine. Every day you'll receive an email which will motivate you to get on the mat and you'll be given a suggested class every day. What could be easier? No excuses, just roll out your mat and feel the difference a short yoga practice can make to your day.

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  • Spring Into Action: Feisty Option

    7 Steps

    We invite you to lighten and brighten your body for the new season. Beginning with gentle twisty, practices to awaken, cleanse and get rid of any stagnant energy. Your journey into springtime energy builds in fun and intensity with inversions and balances to enhance your vitality.

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