Increase Focus › Intermediate/Advanced › 30 to 45 mins


  • Mandala Sun Salutations: Backbends36:01
    Mandala Sun Salutations: Backbends

    Katarina Rayburn

    Backbends need strength as well as flexibility to execute safely. This feisty vinyasa yoga class is inspired by Katarina's self practice for when she's short on time. This is a strong class, but great for if you only have a spare half hour to make the most of! It's a sure and fast way to get you flowing and sweating creatively. This flow focuses on finding space in all of the components of a backbend; the shoulders, hip flexors and quads. It also focuses on using active stretches, so we gain more mobility (strength & flexibility) which is especially important for safe backbending. Enjoy this fun, fast and feisty flow. You may need blocks and a strap.

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  • Jivamukti: Neck and Shoulder Vinyasa36:14
    Jivamukti: Neck and Shoulder Vinyasa

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This full, well-rounded Jivamukti yoga class is a vinyasa flow which is a full-body and mind stretch focusing on the neck and shoulders. This class is designed to lengthen the space of the neck and shoulders, an area which suffers so much for most of us in this modern life. Enjoy some delicious neck and shoulder stretching amidst a flowing Jivamukti flow class.

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  • Positive Psychology Series (3): Resilience30:16
    Positive Psychology Series (3): Resilience

    Mercedes Sieff

    A fun, fast, feisty vinyasa yoga class where we learn to build grit; the ability to get back up when you fall. Expect new and creative ways of dynamic sequencing, arm balances and inversions infused into this power flow. A great class to try something new and challenging! You're not looking to achieve perfect poses here, but to try to do what your body is able to do, and build resilience in the process. Do listen to your body though! If class is too fast-moving and feisty, and goes to poses which aren't suitable for you, take rest pose or listen to your body and modify the pose to bespoke the practice for your own body and capabilities.

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  • Positive Psychology Series (2): Patience35:49
    Positive Psychology Series (2): Patience

    Mercedes Sieff

    Patience is one of the six character traits to focus on in positive psychology. This yoga class class features long hip opening holds interfused with some creative vinyasa and balance. A perfect class for those of us who are sedentary.

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  • Hit The Wall Hatha31:00
    Hit The Wall Hatha

    Adam Hocke

    A complete hatha yoga class at the wall with alignment focus. The wall is a fabulous prop to give us support and give us feedback on our alignment, so move your mat to the wall for this fun and revealing complete practice. As you use the wall's support and feedback, you will learn much about the way you transmit force through your body and where there may be imbalances and inefficiencies in your alignment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to invert, twist, and stretch with more leverage and depth. Meet your new favourite prop! You will also need a chair.

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  • Fire Start The Day Vinyasa Flow39:13
    Fire Start The Day Vinyasa Flow

    Jonelle Lewis

    Get all fired up to start your day with this Vinyasa flow practice. We focus on spinal twists and side bends in this dynamic flow. Its perfect way to get its those bits of the body that can get stuck. You will definitely get a sweat on but feel invigorated and ready to take on what ever your day throws at you. Get your day off to the right start with this feisty vinyasa flow yoga class. Ignite the fire, feel motivated, confident and get active. It's a tough, dynamic vinyasa, but mindfully paced, so that less feisty Movers, who want a warming flow but without the trickier shapes can simply modify and go to childs pose or their chosen alternative when Jonelle flows to places you don't choose to go. Listen to your body! With a focus on the core region you'll feel your inner fire glow. You will need two bricks.

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  • Cultivating Our Inner Light42:26
    Cultivating Our Inner Light

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    A beautiful flow to open the heart, warm the back and still the mind. In the Yoga Sutra, the busy mind is described as quieting down through a number of ways: lengthening the breath, concentration on objects, or on experiences in deep sleep or dream states. It is also suggested that the mind can be quieted by concentration on the ever-present source of light that is believed to dwell inside the human heart. This light grows brighter when we do practices – like polishing a jewel that begins to shine and reflects the light all around it. We’ll look at ways to work with sunlight and moonlight in this fluid vinyasa-based sequence, and help awaken the source of light within each of us.

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  • Move Into Calm31:07
    Move Into Calm

    Zephyr Wildman

    Use this class to challenge any negative emotions and exchange them for their positive counterparts. You will be encouraged to channel love to displace disgust, courage instead of fear, wonder to replace anger and joy to overide sadness.

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