Jonelle Lewis

Jonelle Lewis

Be brave, be fierce, be free. This is Jonelle’s personal mantra and an invitation she extends to all who practice with her. An American living in London, Jonelle dipped into Ashtanga in 2004 when she was pregnant with her daughter Francesca. In 2011 she began practicing with a purpose and while going through a difficult divorce she found yoga really helped her get her life back. It was healing, liberating and invigorating.

In March 2014 Jonelle went to India to train as a yoga teacher with The Yoga People run by Dulce Aguilar and Jamie Clarke. She’s now completed over 800 hours of training and is certified in Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Hot, Mandala, Qi Gong and Rocket yoga. She teaches all over London and leads UK & International yoga retreats.

Jonelle’s classes always have an intention; a feeling of energy and joy. The practice she teaches reflects her passion for music, creativity, fluidity in life and healing. There is an authenticity to Jonelle’s classes which are edgy and filled with a lot laughter, along with an international vibration from her roots in Philadelphia, DC and NYC. Jonelle teaches all age groups and firmly trusts ‘Yoga is for EVERYBODY’.

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