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  • Heat Your Body, Cool Your Nervous System28:08
    Heat Your Body, Cool Your Nervous System

    Leila Sadeghee

    In this class, Leila shares her own practice which helps her to deal with living in the modern, urban world. How she pulls her awareness away from struggle and into ease. This is a meditative, heating practice to cool the nervous system and support the immune system. The class is a fast-flowing and core-focused Anusara-Inspired vinyasa flow ending with plenty of supine twists.

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  • Meditation 3: Sun & Moon15:06
    Meditation 3: Sun & Moon

    Alexander Filmer-Lorch

    This meditation balances our active and passive forces within, known as feminine and masculine energies. Ideal for any situation that requires a greater sense of perspective, as well as a neutral view on things.

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  • Peace and Passion: Meditation12:00
    Peace and Passion: Meditation

    Mercedes Sieff

    A beautiful guided meditation practice which focuses on turning attention inward, centering and working with the intention of positivity and turning passion into action. With mudra to help grounding and releasing up to possibilities and beautiful footage of Mercedes' Yeotown retreat.

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  • Kapala Bhati  Breath04:46
    Kapala Bhati Breath

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    In this short class, Mimi shows the energising Kapala Bhati breath which is an invigorating tool for energising the body and clearing the mind of negative emotions.

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  • Alternate Nostril Breath06:55
    Alternate Nostril Breath

    Clare Beagley

    Alternate nostril breath is a great reliver for agitation, anxiety or insomia. It also gently uplifts if you are low on energy. Take this class on it's own to clam your nerves or add to your class before relaxation.

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