Restorative Yoga › 10 to 20 mins

  • Sofa Yoga17:11
    Sofa Yoga

    Jean Hall

    A beautifully calming yoga class, which is to be done with the help of a sofa. A perfect class for a sunday morning, or anytime you need to really chill, breathe deeply and take it easy. With the favourite pose of inversion over the back of the sofa. What's not to love. A great class to relax, for all abilities and mobilities.

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  • Evening Yoga Relaxation 18:29
    Evening Yoga Relaxation

    Carlene Bogues

    A beautifully peaceful yoga class, perfect to take right before bed. Use it to help settle into a great night's sleep, or anytime you feel overwhelmed and in need of calm. This class can be done either on a yoga mat or even in bed to allow yourself to fall into a deep and restful sleep. On this journey, we will explore what needs to be released and let go by focusing on the breath to connect and ground through the body. We will explore a little activation of the body to bring awareness, then a deep relaxation with some juicy restorative yoga poses. You will need a strap or a long towel.

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  • Pregnancy Restorative Yoga & Meditation14:11
    Pregnancy Restorative Yoga & Meditation

    Lucy McCarthy

    Although this is a pregnancy restorative yoga class, this is just lovely for everybody! This pregnancy restorative yoga class comprises just one very comfortable postition. You will simply relax in a beautiful heart and hip opening pose with rotation of consciousness guided meditation to invite deep rest and renewal during pregnancy. Suitable for all trimesters.You will need two bolsters, two bricks and a blanket, but you can improvise with sofa cushions or pillows!

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  • Restorative Pick Me Up15:31
    Restorative Pick Me Up

    Clive Fogelman

    With no equipment needed and minimal space required, this restorative yoga class is perfect to recharge, reset and renew. Just find some space wherever you are, whether that's at home or at work! Often restorative yoga is done in the evening or on the weekend but it can be a great practise during the day too. This class uses gentle movements to release tension and recharge fatigue. As well as releasing physical tension it can help balance our emotional and mental states leaving us feeling more focused and refreshed for the day ahead.

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  • Manage Anxiety (7) Relaxation class: An essential moment to pause12:37
    Manage Anxiety (7) Relaxation class: An essential moment to pause

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    It's essential to take a pause when we are focused on success. This is a guided relaxation class which gives you the time to re-charge. It's as important to re-charge as to do the hard work when you're moving towards your goal. With a brief explanation of the importance of pausing in life, this is the essential practice of learning constructive rest through guided relaxation. You'll need everything you'd need to keep comfy in your relaxation - blanket, pillow, eye-mask is helpful.

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  •  End of Day Recharge19:00
    End of Day Recharge

    Clive Fogelman

    A great transition sequence to do at the end of a busy day if you’ve just got home from work or if you have been out doing lots of different things. Or if you want a little break during the day but don’t have much time or space this might be just what you need. It starts from standing then we move to all fours and finish on the back.

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  • Restorative: Full Body Airing17:34
    Restorative: Full Body Airing

    Naomi Absalom

    A very peaceful guided restorative sequence, just a couple of poses and more focus on the meditative aspects of this very quiet practice. A brilliant way to end the day. You will need two blocks or a bolster.

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