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Athletes move more than the average person. Excellent. We think that’s laudable. You’re probably type A, you’re ambitious, you’re working towards goals in every aspect of your life. We love that kind of person. We’re like you. Except we found that when we just focused on our athletics, be it running, triathalons, cycling, ski-ing or whatever - our muscles started to feel tired, over-used and under-stretched. Brains can get frazzled. So find yoga for your overworked muscles, clear your brain and give yourself some space to perform better, more efficiently and much less prone to injury.


  • Glute Strengthening Workout 201:04:37
    Glute Strengthening Workout 2

    Sylvia Garcia

    Back by popular demand! Strengthen your glutes with this follow up to Sylvia's first fabulous glutes workout class. It's so important to have strong glutes for a healthy spine and lower back, and it's crucial to keep strong for our yoga practice. Learn some creative, fun and interesting ways to target the glutes helping to create stability and strength which will make hip opening and forward folding safer and more sustainable for a long term practice. This features a full warm up and layered options to suit all levels.

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  • Yoga to Ignite the Core38:00
    Yoga to Ignite the Core

    Clive Fogelman

    A yoga class which focuses on abdominal strengthening exercises to keep your abdominals and stomach strong. The class starts with an abs workout - get ready to feel the burn! Then class builds to a yoga flow with a range of sequences and poses to fire up the core and strengthen the rest of the body. Take this class at your own pace and build your practice over time.

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  • Positive Psychology Series (3): Resilience30:16
    Positive Psychology Series (3): Resilience

    Mercedes Sieff

    A fun, fast, feisty vinyasa yoga class where we learn to build grit; the ability to get back up when you fall. Expect new and creative ways of dynamic sequencing, arm balances and inversions infused into this power flow. A great class to try something new and challenging! You're not looking to achieve perfect poses here, but to try to do what your body is able to do, and build resilience in the process. Do listen to your body though! If class is too fast-moving and feisty, and goes to poses which aren't suitable for you, take rest pose or listen to your body and modify the pose to bespoke the practice for your own body and capabilities.

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