Sylvia Garcia

Sylvia Garcia

Coming from a strong Ashtanga background and inspired by her teacher David Swenson, Sylvia has taken a huge amount from this practise which she passes on to her students with care, compassion and humour. She has practised many other styles over the years including Dharma Yoga, Jivamukti, Vinyasa Flow, Yin and Acro Yoga as well as circus based handstands and acrobatics. She also practises and teaches Yoga Nidra on a regular basis. Sylvia teaches classes and workshops across London and holds annual Yoga retreats in Devon and other venues. As well as being a teacher, she remains a student of yoga learning from many different teachers and practitioners and maintaining a daily self practise.

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Courses with Sylvia

  • 30 Day Handstand Challenge
    30 Day Handstand Challenge

    30 Steps

    One for the hard-core Movers. Join Sylvia Garcia and build your perfect handstand from firm foundations upwards.

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  • Headstand Challenge
    Headstand Challenge

    31 Steps

    Sylvia Garcia shares all you need to get into headstand for the first time or refine and perfect with snazzy variations.

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  • Crow Challenge
    Crow Challenge

    14 Steps

    Get strong, take flight and infuse the rest of your practice with strength and confidence.

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  • Just Add Yoga
    Just Add Yoga

    16 Steps

    Adding yoga to your life can help your strength, flexibility, endurance, relaxation and levels of joy.

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  • Yoga for Athletes
    Yoga for Athletes

    24 Steps

    Yoga classes to support your favourite athletic activities.

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  • Flow towards Happiness
    Flow towards Happiness

    11 Steps

    In this Vinyasa Flow Course you will boost your happiness by exploring your character strengths and developing a positive relationship with yourself.

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  • The Strength Challenge
    The Strength Challenge

    28 Steps

    Classes to help you to build strength and apply your strength to more challenging yoga poses.

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  • Strong for Summer
    Strong for Summer

    22 Steps

    Your essential collection of strengthening classes for the summer.

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