Women's Health › 30 to 45 mins


  • Moontime Magic37:31
    Moontime Magic

    Lucy McCarthy

    This gentle, nourishing flow is for you to help you to honour your body. Perfect for your moontime, or whenever you feel like giving your body extra support. Feel your moontime magic with this nourishing sequence featuring prana namaskar, a flow that asks, what is it we'd like to surrender.

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  • Soothing The Warrior40:47
    Soothing The Warrior

    Liz Lark

    A creatively sequenced flow to sooth and nourish. The warrior isn't always about being driven but sometimes being patient and listening. This slow vinyasa yoga class is as soothing as it is strengthening. It's great whenever you need to be centred, or relaxed, or if you're on your moon cycle. With peak poses as dancer to warrior 3 balancing sequences, this isn't the most traditionally relaxing class, but it does find a way to feel watery with soothing qualities whilst working strongly.

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  • Get Moving: Standing Flow36:21
    Get Moving: Standing Flow

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    A qi-gong inspired gentle standing flow to move the hips, shoulders and gently build strength in legs and core. A fabulous class to cultivate steadiness, and an antidote to the business of sedentary modern life. The qi-gong inspired movements and water quality of softness in the poses are fabulous for building strength and stability. With no sun salutes, this class is great for most bodies including older bodies, those with limited mobility and pregnancy.

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  • Self Care Warming Flow42:00
    Self Care Warming Flow

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    Any time you want to take care of yourself, take this easy to follow sequence. Body taps and brushing give way to gentle repetitive moves that encourage every muscle to warm and open. Mindfully paced, sweet and kind, Mollie's class is suitable for most bodies. Ends with a gorgeous long relaxation. You may like to have a blanket ready if it's chilly.

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  • A Restful End to the Day31:45
    A Restful End to the Day

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    This yin practice will sooth the nervous system after a busy day, or one spent at a desk. With great postures for relieving a tired back, tight hamstrings, this is also a great practice for during menstruation. This class is fantastic for de-stressing the adrenals focuses on releasing stress and fatigue. You will need a bolster and a block.

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  • Inner Strength 130:54
    Inner Strength 1

    Bridget Woods-Kramer

    In this tutorial style class, Bridget shows us how to get ooodles of inner strength by activating mula bandha, the core and strengthening the pelvic floor. This yoga class shows correct pelvic alightment in warrior variations and then goes onto plenty of core strengtheners. You will need a block.

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  • Supported Practice for Slow Days31:32
    Supported Practice for Slow Days

    Liz Lark

    A restorative sequence featuring passive inversions to relax the brain. Attention is turned inward and focus turned on the breath to calm and restore the nervous system. This practice will be perfect for relaxing you before bed, but also great practice if you've done your exercise or 100 sun salutations and just want the yoga to work its magic. You will need access to a wall, blocks and a bolster.

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