Gabriella Espinosa

Gabriella Espinosa

Gabriella Espinosa is the founder of Women’s Body Wisdom, holistically supporting women’s hormonal health during the natural transitions from perimenopause, menopause to postmenopause. Inspired by her many years of practice and teaching yoga, breath work, somatic movement and nutritional therapy, she is passionate about guiding women to connect with their bodies, take charge of their hormonal health and live their fullest potential.

Her teaching is inspired by the precision of alignment, synchronisation of breath and movement and calming power of meditation. Her classes are designed to address many of the common symptoms women experience in menopause, but most importantly they are an exploration of each woman’s unique journey to self discovery.

Gabriella teaches regular weekly classes in London and leads women's wellness retreats at various locations in the UK and Europe. She writes and contributes to publications on women’s hormonal health and wellbeing.

Courses with Gabriella

  • Energise

    30 Steps

    Short classes all under 45 minutes to energise.

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  • Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter
    Small Steps to Change: Autumn/Winter

    28 Steps

    Classes of 30 minutes and under to develop a sustainable yoga practice for life. It's the smallest steps that can lead to the greatest transformations.

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  • Ageless Movement
    Ageless Movement

    32 Steps

    Age is a relative concept. Whilst we don’t believe there is any one appropriate yoga for seniors, we do believe that maintaining movement as we age is vital.

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