Therapeutic Benefits › 30 to 45 mins


  • Forrest Yoga Neck & Jaw Release36:04
    Forrest Yoga Neck & Jaw Release

    Kristi Rodelli

    This Forrest yoga class is just perfect if you've had a long day, if you're having a tough week, or are feeling a bit headachy. Any stresses or anxiety from the day or the week will unravel as you release aches in your neck, jaw and shoulders, which can suffer in stressful times. With hallmark strengthening and abs work, this class is perfect to keep you strong while you unwind. You will need a roll and a block.

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  • Knee Stabilisation Workshop33:34
    Knee Stabilisation Workshop

    Andrew McGonigle

    Ease painful, swollen or stiff knees with this sequence from Dr Yogi, which will stabilise the knee area and build strength and stability in the knee joint. Includes Dr Yogi's advice on why the knee is vulnerable to injury and top tips to keep the knee safe during yoga. Whether sore knees are caused by sports and exercise or arthritis, regular and mindful use of this video will improve strength and mobility and reduce pain. You will need a block and blanket.

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  • Pilates for Lower Back Pain38:05
    Pilates for Lower Back Pain

    Antonia Ptohides

    A pilates class specifically focused on strengthening the SI (or sacro-illiac) joint. The lower back can sometimes feel pain because of tweaked SI joint, so it's great to give it strength back. A tough, targetted class to release the tension in the SI joint by strengthening the glutes, tummy and hips. You will need a cushion or block or pilates ball.

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  • Yoga For Athletic Recovery34:38
    Yoga For Athletic Recovery

    Clive Fogelman

    A recovery sequence for athletes designed to create openness and facilitate deep release in the body. A great complement to any physical activity, with hip openers, hamstring stretches, back bends and calf stretches - ideal after exercise of any kind, or indeed after a dynamic yoga class!

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