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  •  Yoga for Anger33:57
    Yoga for Anger

    Leila Sadeghee

    This class features breath exercises (pranayama) to get emotions swirling and moving through you, giving a recommended outlet for any anger you may be feeling. The class then becomes more dynamic with core and strengthening yoga asana to help you to move and manage feelings of anger and frustration.

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  • Honour Your Cycle: Winter40:01
    Honour Your Cycle: Winter

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    A beautiful yoga nidra (yogic sleep) for menstruation, especially designed to ease flow, ease pain and feel nourished and supported. Uma uses the sound of Tibetan singing bowls to help us to drop into a deep, nourishing relaxation. The first 6 minutes 40 talks through setting up for yoga nidra, how to create a comfortable yoga nidra so that you feel held and supported. You may wish to start at 6.40 if you'd like to get straight into your yoga nidra after you've set up. You may enjoy a hot water bottle for this class. We recommend a scarf to wrap around the waist and a blanket to keep warm and you will need to set yourself up next to your sofa or a chair, so that your knees are resting up, and your ankles higher than your knees.

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  • Re-Ground36:44

    Adam Hocke

    A slow flow yoga class which is perfect if you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Adam's class is incredibly grounding. Move towards feeling stabilised and balance again by re-grounding anxious energy which embodies anxious mind and restless body. Learn to meet any anxiety with kindness by feeling its physical symptoms, not just the stories you may associate with it. We will use to the tools of yoga, including stilling our gaze and heightening our feelings of embodiment, to bring you back and re-ground you in the present moment. You will need a bolster and a block or a folded blanket.

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  • Honour Your Cycle: Spring35:58
    Honour Your Cycle: Spring

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    Honour completion of your bleed cycle and take time to savour the spring moment, when your energy returns, but you want to honour, not depleat your energy reserves. It's easy at this time to feel energised but this can depleat us. This nourishing, gentle yoga class focuses on breathing, mudra and gentle movements from heart to womb, letting the body soak up the benefits and class ends with a long relaxation, short yoga nidra. You will need pillows or cushions to sit on and a bolster and blankets for a long relaxation.

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  • Spacious Body, Spacious Mind42:43
    Spacious Body, Spacious Mind

    Nikita Akilapa

    When we create space in our life, in our bodies, there's so much more room for creativity and for dealing with any of the challenges that life might bring. This hip, heart and shoulder opening yoga flow is set to invite more space and softness into the body, heart and mind.

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  • Moontime Magic37:31
    Moontime Magic

    Lucy McCarthy

    This gentle, nourishing flow is for you to help you to honour your body. Perfect for your moontime, or whenever you feel like giving your body extra support. Feel your moontime magic with this nourishing sequence featuring prana namaskar, a flow that asks, what is it we'd like to surrender.

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  • Calm Abiding Yin 33:28
    Calm Abiding Yin

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    Settle your energy, settle your focus in this very grounded Yin class which is focused around the Hara, your energy centre. This class is wonderful if you want to tune in to your intuition, your deep-seated centre. This is a heart and lung Yin yoga class. This class is great for overcoming sadness and grief, and is wonderful for clearing that which no longer serves you.

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  • Metta: Care for Ourselves and Care for Others42:09
    Metta: Care for Ourselves and Care for Others

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Featuring moon rather than sun salutes, this more nourishing practice is a beautifully nurturing slow flow and a nourishing sequence for the heart and soul. Great for when your body needs a little extra support, but you'd like to keep your movement practice. The human heart circulates the most oxygen rich supply of blood to itself first before it moves it out to the rest of the body. As humans we can also learn to care for our own bodies and experience, and use this care as a springboard to cultivate greater care for others and the world. “It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside. You had nothing to do with it. It's simply the honest response to clearly perceived Reality.” – Erich Schiffmann

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  • Issues And Tissues33:54
    Issues And Tissues

    Norman Blair

    An opening of hips and an opening of heart through the practice of Yin yoga. You will need a bolster, two blocks and a sandbag and you may want other props if you have. This class focuses on the breath, with pranayama both before the Yin Yoga and afterwards. The stretches are held deeply and for a long while. You will be asked to settle, to feel deeply and to relax into discomfort. A great daily practice for dealing with life's challenges and deeply relaxing for before bed.

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  • Move Into Calm31:07
    Move Into Calm

    Zephyr Wildman

    Use this class to challenge any negative emotions and exchange them for their positive counterparts. You will be encouraged to channel love to displace disgust, courage instead of fear, wonder to replace anger and joy to overide sadness.

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  • Slow Flow for Shoulders36:17
    Slow Flow for Shoulders

    Aoife Kane

    A forrest-insprired yoga class with special emphasis on unwinding the neck, shoulders and upper-back, areas which plague most of us who spend too much time looking at computers, or for the stressed-amongst us, who carry stress in the shoulders and upper-back. A deeeply stress-relieving class, be ready to be unwound as you slow flow! You may need a strap, you will need an extra, rolled up yoga mat.

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  •  Balancing of the Seasons32:58
    Balancing of the Seasons

    Liz Lark

    An intermediate class to balance into the seasons. Some shoulder releases and then heat-inducing core warm ups prepare the body for a short yoga class including forearm balance, headstand with headstand variations, some vinyasa to lengthen and strengthen and then shoulderstand variations. Finished off beautifully with a lovely, long, nourishing relaxation. Perfect yin and yang sequencing featuring balances to balance seasonal fluctuations.

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  • Cancer Survivors (3): Strengthening the Body31:33
    Cancer Survivors (3): Strengthening the Body

    Barbara Gallani

    The sequences in this session aim to strengthen the body through micro-movements and mindful leg and arm lifts using the support of the floor throughout. This is a grounding session which will allow you to deeply connect with your body while bringing strength to the muscles weakened by treatment or inactivity. This class is also great for those recovering from any bout of sickness or 'flu as your body gently gets its strength back.

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  • Jivamukti Yoga for Cellular Renewal 40:16
    Jivamukti Yoga for Cellular Renewal

    Lizzie Reumont

    A cleansing Jivamukti class designed to cleanse the body and balance the mind. A fast-paced Jivamukti vinyasa this featuring plenty of twists as well as shoulder and hip releases, you will be breathing deeply into the organs, vital to aid cleansing. Perfect for the morning to set your day on the right footing.

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  • After Work Or Travel - Rebalance And Restore44:35
    After Work Or Travel - Rebalance And Restore

    Kate Walker

    A cleverly sequenced and rather beautiful simple yoga class to restore and rebalance your spine after you have been sitting at a desk, sitting in an aeroplane or driving for long periods of time. Suitable for beginners and those tired after a long day. You will need soft blocks and a strap.

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  • Light of Conciousness Meditation33:34
    Light of Conciousness Meditation

    Alexander Filmer-Lorch

    A meditation on consciousness. This meditation helps to bring more of the light of consciousness into the unknown parts of ourselves, essential for those of us on a path of inner-evolution, and even for those who aren't, this is essential for decision-making so that our true consciousness shines through in all decisions. This meditation shows us how to reduce the 'doing' and letting consciousness through 'allowing', which reduces resistance to the consciousness mind.

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  • Lift Your Spirits 41:46
    Lift Your Spirits

    Aoife Kane

    This vinyasa yoga class will get your heart moving and lift your spirits through a fast pace right from the very start and focusing on backbends. This class is a light-hearted way to start the day and will get you moving. Accessible for beginning intermediates with modifications, you will need a block.

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  • Vinyasa Flow for Moving On33:17
    Vinyasa Flow for Moving On

    Jean Hall

    This class is designed to help you to release tensions held within the body to enable you to move on and be open to possibilities in life. This slow vinyasa flow will keep you mindful and moving through life's more turbulent times to enable you to release, let you and when you are ready, move on.

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