Yoga for Work › Barbara Gallani

These classes are for you to help with your work - be it at the end of a long day at the office when you need a time for yourself to help you to stretch out your day, or during the course of the day to help you to release the tension.


  • Seated Yoga for the Office19:20
    Seated Yoga for the Office

    Barbara Gallani

    Stretch out in your office without attracting too much attention from your co-workers, or for those who are chair-bound or recovering from injury. Variations of the sun salutations whilst seated followed by neck and shoulder releases. Release tension in the side body with these subtle movements, self massage, and twists for you to learn so you can practice some secret or sneaky stretches at work. Feel grounded and energised during your work place, even if you don't have space to roll out a mat or if coming to a yoga mat isn't available to you.

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