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I’m writing this from our amazing Annual MFML Retreat at Suryalila in Spain, which really is just so beautiful.

winter retreat

It’s lovely to get away, to get some perspective.  Just like being in a downward dog, or a headstand – you really do see life differently. I do think that retreating as a community is the perfect antidote for a sometimes lonesome home yoga practice.

Our theme for the retreat is Finding Comfort during the Winter. Wintertime in the Northern hemisphere can be a really trying time for many folks, and many people feel less than happy during this time. So now is a great time to think of all the ways we can keep more connected and contented and find happiness during the winter months.


The Yoga Dome at Suryalila

One thing that being away has brought home to me is the importance of eating well to support ourselves during this time. Of course, if you’re on retreat one of the best things is that you have somebody cooking delicious and nutritious food for you, which most of us don’t have the luxury of at home. Our food makes all the difference to how we feel, and even the process of preparation, and the time spent thinking about how we will sustain and support ourselves is important.

vegan food

We have some delicious recipes to tempt you to eat in a way that will nourish your body and soul. And for those of you who want a taste of the amazing food at Suryalila, their cookbook is out next week!

I’ve also been working on the practices and intentions that will keep me nourished and supported through the winter. I thought I’d share with you my latest routines so that perhaps these might inspire you to share yours on the Movers Group or on our Facebook or Instagram page. 

  1. When the clocks went back in the UK, I decided to not to that!! I stayed, for my morning and evening routines on summertime, setting my clock an hour earlier, then getting a lemon and ginger tea (ginger is so warming for the winter months!) and going back to bed, sitting up in bed and meditating just for 10 minutes. Very easy and do-able!
  2. I then journal for just a couple of moments to write down my intention for the day incorporate my daily gratitude note.
  3. Then I’m feeling awake enough to start my writing practice! So I work for an hour or so, and after that, when the house if feeling warmer, I roll out my mat for morning yoga practiceEven sometimes it’s just 10 minutes, but that’s OK, it’s the daily practice that counts. And then I can get on with my day.

My new evening routine is really dreamy, and I’m absolutely loving it!

  1. No computers after 9pm! I finished work around then and finish my computer procrastination/online browsing then.
  2. I then roll out my mat for a short (maybe 20 minutes) Yin/Restorative or Before Bed class.
  3. I now have the habit of listening to a podcast in the bath that I take before bed and then I listen to an MFML meditation just before sleep.

I do think that making intentions, setting routines and getting into a daily practice is really important, and even more so during the winter when a chilly house feels unappealing! I’d love to hear your ways of creating comfort and support for yourself during winter on our Movers Group.

With love


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