Mollie McClelland Morris

Mollie McClelland Morris

Mollie Morris is co-owner and Director of Sādhaka Yoga Centre in London, UK, a thriving studio that was recently closed (temporarily) by a fire. Though this disastrous event has changed the external manifestation of her work, it has shown her how to trust, let go, mourn and find purpose despite difficult circumstances. As creator and lead teacher of Grace and Presence Yoga Teacher Training and mentoring courses and workshops for Yoga Teachers, she helps others to refine their practice, and find their voice as teachers of yoga.

"Yoga can teach us to move, feel and work through challenges with authenticity, trust, grace and ease. We can take inspiration from the ancient sciences and the wealth of research in the modern world. But mostly I believe the goal of yoga is to know and accept ourselves compassionately as we are, through processes that challenge, inspire, enliven, and enrich our lives, so we can move through life with grace, ease and awareness."

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Mollie's challenges:

  • Take Heart: Recover Gently

    15 Steps

    Gentle yoga to help you recover from stress or illness.

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  • Postnatal Practices

    26 Steps

    Gentle postnatal yoga classes to help you re-connect with yourself and connect with your baby

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  • Happy Hour Yoga

    21 Steps

    Transition mindfully from your working day into the evening.

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  • Move Into Calm: Yoga to reset and recentre

    24 Steps

    Reset and recentre with yoga classes to help balance anxiety.

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