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  • Tutorial on Chaturanga04:43
    Tutorial on Chaturanga

    Andrew McGonigle

    There's no 'right' or 'wrong' in any yoga pose, so long as movements are made slowly and in a controlled way, mindfully and with the breath, and of course so long as there is no pain or pre-existing injury! With that in mind, Chaturanga or low plank, is one of the hardest yoga poses to master. This short tutorial on the yoga pose Chaturanga shows the action needed for the pose. Do take heed, the pose needs a LOT of strength in the shoulders and abdomen, which you'll need to build separately and whilst you build that strength, or if the pose is not suitable for your body, do please practice with your knees to the ground, or simply do a high push up, rather than the low push of Chaturanga. Enjoy!

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