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These practices are specifically designed by our expert teachers to help you to sleep. They will reduce the anxieties and stress of the day and bring you to a more meditative state which will give you a much better night's sleep.

You may be surprised at how little movements in the right direction can really affect the quality of your life, improve your night and the next day. Guaranteed.


  • Relaxation For Great Sleep28:05
    Relaxation For Great Sleep

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    Get yourself ready to calm into the evening with this all-levels gentle hatha yoga class, perfect to wind down after a busy day. Move through a series of poses focusing on stretching hamstrings, back and shoulders and getting comfortable for a great night’s sleep. Breathing exercises help you slow down and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). Finishes with a long relaxation leaving you restored and calm. Ideal for everyone, but especially young people.

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