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If you've got a body part that's giving you trouble you've come to the right place! Bad back? Painful knees? Ouchy Hips? This is your SOS toolkit for when something hurts.


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  • Meditation:Watching the Breath09:10
    Meditation:Watching the Breath

    Nikita Akilapa

    In this first introduction to meditation video we use the breath as our anchor. Learn how to pay close attention to your breath and how it feels in your body; start to explore all its qualities. Get really involved in all its personality - length, depth, temperature, quality. Fully inhabit it. Breathe in, knowing you are breathing in, breathe out, knowing you are breathing out. Use it as an anchor to the present moment. The minute you notice your mind drifting off to something else, make a point of bringing it right back. Keep the focus and enjoy this meditation introduction! Watch the intruction here:

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