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Yin yoga is a floor-based yoga practice in which poses are held passively for a length of time, often a few minutes. Holding poses for a longer period of time works into the connective tissues (ligaments, joints, bones and fascia) rather than the muscles, it can also help prepare the body to sit for periods of time in meditation. Energetically, it taps into our ‘chi’ and helps improve the flow of energy round the body. The practice of yin yoga gives you space to turn inwards and tune the mind and body to physical sensations, often playing with your ‘edge’ and dropping deeper into your practice. We also recommend you try out some energising and dynamic practises to strengthen the body, perhaps Vinyasa, or even Pilates or Barre for a well-rounded daily practise.


  • Fluid Yang Yin Yoga51:10
    Fluid Yang Yin Yoga

    Carlene Bogues

    A balanced yang/yin yoga class. Notice the stillness at the beginning before bringing in some mobility and qigong warm ups. Then move into a hatha yoga flow and feel into the fluidity of the practice. Class ends with yin yoga poses to create a sense of balance. This can be done in the evening as a transition or anytime of day to move with more awareness and stillness.

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