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Vinyasa flow is dynamic flowing style of yoga. It's really popular and we love it because it covers a real breadth of teachers and teaching styles from a fast 'power' flow to an alignment based or more meditative flow. Vinyasa flow is when we harmonize breath and movement to give strength, grace and freedom.


  • A Quick Slow Flow36:01
    A Quick Slow Flow

    Carlene Bogues

    A beautiful, mindfully paced yoga class in a world where life goes too fast, and our yoga practice seems to echo this! In this yoga class we explore making movements slower, and moving more intentionally. By exploring the speed of the practice we can explore the depth, the intensity of the movement and bring awareness to our reactions to them. By learning to observe our patterns we can feel what comes up in a non judgmental way. Once done we can go about our day at the pace required with move awareness.

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