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  • Positive Psychology Series (5): Creativity15:23
    Positive Psychology Series (5): Creativity

    Mercedes Sieff

    In the final yoga class of the Positive Psychology Series, the sequence focuses on creativity. This is a beautifully creative and fiesty vinyasa yoga sequence with plenty of variations and dance-like movements to cultivate creativity. You will need a strap.

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  • Wake Me Up Before you Yo-ga03:51
    Wake Me Up Before you Yo-ga

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    A mini-morning dance energy shake up. Have fun with simple, accessible, fun movements! Wake up and energise with dance.These steps are said to improve brain function, muscle brain function and muscle memory. Suitable for all!! A perfect class for whilst you wait for the kettle to boil or before you get into the shower!! You'll need nothing but an open mind.

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  • Playful Joint Isolation06:32
    Playful Joint Isolation

    Dan Peppiatt

    A fun way to explore movement and joint isolation. Through visualisation and movement, play the game of organic joint mobility. Expect to learn a game that you can play to learn to isolate your joints, and you can do anytime, rather than playing right now with the video. Bring a sense of playfulness and willingness to do something completely different!

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