Dan Peppiatt

Dan Peppiatt

‘Yoga is an entirely personal process for every individual and we can touch it in every moment of our lives, not just on a rectangular mat.’ - That is Dans’ philosophy. He believes that you can’t teach yoga, you can only facilitate other peoples’ journey to find a perfectly organic way of practicing for them, something that he calls ‘Yoga Like Water’. He is just as likely to be found experimenting with these concepts free-diving; surfing; on a slack-line or rock face as in the many studios that he runs sessions in around the country.
With adventures at medical school; as a science teacher; pyrotechnic installation artist; renovating an ancient farmhouse in France; raising and home educating his two daughters on a canal boat just to name a few, he has certainly ignored any imaginary ‘rules’ that society might have. He has always tried to ‘live his yoga’, exploring the mental boundaries of the debilitating anxiety that originally brought him to it as a teenager.

He spreads this philosophy through his unique Yoga Like Water Immersive Teacher Training with some of the most inspiring yoga tutors in the UK, who are all equally passionate about their subject. He is married to Gemma, a Yoga Therapist, who never has any shortage of work with Dan around!

Image: Drishti Yoga Photography


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