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Restorative yoga allows the body to experience deep relaxation through a series of long, passive stretches that are fully supported by props so that the body does not feel any tension at all. Restorative yoga is a lovely way to to begin releasing habitual long-held tension, calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. It is a floor-based practice which helps us to slow down, rest and find stillness, and whilst restorative yoga is not physically demanding, it can be challenging to stay in long holds with few distractions and fully follow the movement of the breath in and out. If you enjoy restorative yoga, you may also like yin yoga, meditation and yoga nidra.


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  • Manage Anxiety (7) Relaxation class: An essential moment to pause12:37
    Manage Anxiety (7) Relaxation class: An essential moment to pause

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    It's essential to take a pause when we are focused on success. This is a guided relaxation class which gives you the time to re-charge. It's as important to re-charge as to do the hard work when you're moving towards your goal. With a brief explanation of the importance of pausing in life, this is the essential practice of learning constructive rest through guided relaxation. You'll need everything you'd need to keep comfy in your relaxation - blanket, pillow, eye-mask is helpful.

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