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These practices are great for the morning. They are especially designed to give you some get up and go, no matter how much time you have;  if you're giving yourself a short weekday gift of starting the day well or a beautiful, longer energising weekend practice to give yourself the time and space you need to feel just great.

We think you'll find that the day goes with so much more panache and ease after you start the day by getting moving.


  • Liberate Your Hips: A Yin/Yang Flow47:57
    Liberate Your Hips: A Yin/Yang Flow

    Jonelle Lewis

    This yoga class is a mix between yin and yang to increase mobility in the hip joint. Starting with yin yoga and Qigong, it then gently flows towards some more yang poses to work the inner and outer hips and to free up the spine for a lovely balanced way to liberate the whole body. This class is perfect for a slightly gentler morning choice or in the evening if you've spent the day seated or standing. Working with the water element, it brings softness and a sense of letting go. You will need two bricks and a strap.

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  • Start Your Day The Yin Way10:36
    Start Your Day The Yin Way

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    We often associate Yin Yoga with the afternoon or evenings, but it’s also a wonderful practice to start the day. This is a short Kidney meridian focused yin yoga class with just three Yin yoga poses and is a great bookend to a more yang class, or a prelude to morning meditation, and is great way to start the day when you’re short on time. You will need a bolster.

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  • Being Breathing21:39
    Being Breathing

    Norman Blair

    This gentle Yin yoga class focuses on the breath with very gentle, calming stretches that will release and transform any anxiety and prepare for sleep or gently open the body ready for the day.

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