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These practices are great for the morning. They are especially designed to give you some get up and go, no matter how much time you have;  if you're giving yourself a short weekday gift of starting the day well or a beautiful, longer energising weekend practice to give yourself the time and space you need to feel just great.

We think you'll find that the day goes with so much more panache and ease after you start the day by getting moving.


  • Hatha Yoga to Energise35:09
    Hatha Yoga to Energise

    Sally Parkes

    Feel energised and reinvigorated with this simple but well-rounded yoga class of mostly standing postures. After a gentle warm-up, expect a simple series of grounding, standing postures to bring strength and energy to the whole body. The class is specifically sequenced to re-energise women, but everyone can benefit. The movements work with the spirals of the female form so the body is encouraged to feel at ease. This sequence of flowing and predominantly standing Hatha Yoga postures is linked with thoughtful transitions and breath work, to help release such tensions and manifest our full awareness of our physical and energetic being.

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  • Fun Forrest Inspired Yoga for Strength50:23
    Fun Forrest Inspired Yoga for Strength

    Ash Bond

    This strong, hatha yoga class is inspired by Forrest yoga; it is strengthening and really great fun! Start with abdominal work and strengthening goddess pose, then explore how to lean into support: support of the props; of our experience; of our deep, considered breath. If you have dipped your toe into the Forrest Yoga pool already, this class is a chance to play with some arm balances and some stronger hamstring work. You will need two blocks, a blanket and a bolster (if you have one) for our exploration of splits and frog over a bolster.

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  • Open to Your Heart’s Desire47:48
    Open to Your Heart’s Desire

    Gabriella Espinosa

    This heart-centred gentle yoga class is designed to help you connect to your heart's desire, to your inner wisdom and to feel more love for oneself and one another. It includes opening to self love through embodied enquiry, gentle stretching and movement, finishing with yin postures and a guided visualisation to connect deeply to your heart’s desire and its expression in the world.

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  • Slow Flow Yoga35:07
    Slow Flow Yoga

    Clive Fogelman

    A beautiful, well-rounded slow flow yoga class. The focus is particularly on a feeling of length and openness in the lower body. This gentle sequence focuses on the hamstrings and hips, taking time to really hold the poses to create a feeling of strength and openness in this area of the body.

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  • Morning Yoga for Steadiness36:57
    Morning Yoga for Steadiness

    Rakhee Jasani

    A really beautiful slow flow vinyasa yoga class which takes it's inspiration from mountains; this class will explore grounding and firm foundations. Start the day grounded, steady and strong. The focus on this class is standing poses and moving mindfully with the breath between poses. Also a great class for during the day for when you're feeling a bit 'in your head', frazzled or overwhelmed. Learn to leave your stress from a busy mind behind and move as a mountain: steady, grounded, firm.

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  • Yin Yang Morning Yoga41:03
    Yin Yang Morning Yoga

    Carlene Bogues

    This yoga class is the perfect way to start your day! Starting in reflection and stillness and setting intentions for the day, it then moves gently into circular movements in the joints as a warm up from head to toe, using some elements of Qigong. The beautifully restoring hatha yoga flow helps to find space and fluidity before we flow into our day. Class ends with a wonderful guided savasana; an energised but calm way to start the morning. You may need a block.

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  • Work Break Yoga28:09
    Work Break Yoga

    Ava Riby-Williams

    A simple and practical toolkit of creative movement to remedy unhelpful sitting positions. It is especially good as a break from work, sitting on the sofa, and after travel to bring relief to tension headaches, sore necks and backs. This is a hatha style yoga class to stimulate your energy and cool your nerves and it contains loads of tips and tricks to use in any moment where you need to refresh, re-energise and relieve aches from being stationary for too long. You will need access to a wall.

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  • Gentle Yoga for Strength without Depletion31:33
    Gentle Yoga for Strength without Depletion

    Barbara Gallani

    In this gentle yoga class, we learn how we can strengthen the body without depleting it of energy or causing a build up of lactic acid. This class is suitable for when you’ve been run down or unwell and you’re ready to start to build strength, but you need to do so very gently. Learn how to isolate movements and muscles so you can very safely and gently return to your strength. Although we recommend you take very gentle movements when you’re not feeling great, please seek your doctor’s advice if you are in any doubt.

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  • Buddha's Teachings: Yoga for Equanimity55:35
    Buddha's Teachings: Yoga for Equanimity

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    This gently flowing yoga and Qi Gong class explores the fourth of the brahmavihārās, or boundless states, known as upekkha, or equanimity. This fourth abode is often the most misunderstood, as equanimity can easily be written off as indifference and not caring. The Buddha’s teachings suggest this is far from the truth. His description of upekkha is that it is a perfect, unshakable balance of heart and mind, rooted in insight. When we cultivate equanimity, we cultivate a state of being even minded and calm. In this state, we learn to trust, meet and respond to life in ways that let us care deeply and fully about what truly matters. We make room for joy, pain, sorrow and challenges. We learn to meet life in ways that neither opposes nor demands more from it, and can remain steady, trusting and open to whatever grim corners we may turn in life.

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  • Self Care Flow42:40
    Self Care Flow

    Adam Hocke

    This yoga class is perfect for when we feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or just have a busy mind. It is a gentle class for anytime; when you just feel that you need to be kind to yourself, when you are anxious and wired, or when you don't like what you're reading in the news. Come back to the reality of your body and breath with this flow practice. In this sequence we go through familiar and calming patterns of movement and spend time enjoying the internal life of postures through strengthening techniques that bring us more deeply into our bodies and the reality of the present moment. As we start feeling a bit better, we round it off with some self-massage and a powerful compassion meditation.

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  • Sleep Recovery Series (4): Simple Morning Wake Up06:47
    Sleep Recovery Series (4): Simple Morning Wake Up

    Lisa Sanfilippo

    Keep it simple with a set of simple exercises which can be done anywhere! This can be done in the office, kitchen or wherever you don't have space to lay out a yoga mat, and wake up happier and more focussed. Also great as a pick-me-up when you're at work, these poses and this breath focus will help you wake up easily, and can be done almost anywhere. You’ll clear your head, get your circulation going and feel more alert. Use this any time of day as a pick-me up.

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  • Five Minute Energy Reset04:28
    Five Minute Energy Reset

    Lucy McCarthy

    A quick, powerful shake-up class to shake off stagnant, negative energy. Includes full body shakedown, lions breath, fountain breath. For whenever you feel like you need to change your energy naturally! Perfect to start the day or to take a short break during the day.

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  • Honour Your Cycle: Summer33:00
    Honour Your Cycle: Summer

    Uma Dinsmore Tuli

    This class celebrates the vitality of the summer of the menstrual cycle. With rhythmic, nutritious, grounding movements, you move and breath to get some flow and energy into your body with lots of rhythm and circles. Start with your feet and get moving through all your joints with a rhythmic flow to gently bring the sunshine in! Then class ends with a micro yoga nidra relaxation. You will need bolsters and cushions to get comfortable in your yoga nidra and perhaps padding for the knees for the rhythmic yoga movement practice.

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  • Spinal Health: Somatic Flow24:21
    Spinal Health: Somatic Flow

    Jean Hall

    This mostly somatic class with yoga is for everyone and for any time of the day. It's perfect to get you set up for the day, with a focus on gentle movements to keep your spine healthy. Class starts with gentle somatic movements to sense the spine, which brings attention into tracing the pathway of the spine and its key movements which underpin spinal health and ease. Class then continues with flows through yoga movements drawing out the primary postural patterns of: flexion, extension, lateral, elongation, rotation and neutral spine. A class to add to your daily practice list for all-round back care and health!

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  • Manage Anxiety (8) Wake Up and Be at your Best24:55
    Manage Anxiety (8) Wake Up and Be at your Best

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    The perfect class for waking up so that you can energise and focus for the day ahead. A wonderful morning yoga class or to re-charge throughout the day. Move stagnant energy around the body. Kick start your day with energy or practice in middle of the day or before you have a deadline and you feel drowsy and drained. Starting with gentle stretching and breathing exercises, with alternate nostril breathing, then moving to standing pose and modified sun salutes with backbends and balances, perfect for getting you focused.

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  • The Jewel of the Lotus Heart - Yoga,Qigong and Mindfulness31:47
    The Jewel of the Lotus Heart - Yoga,Qigong and Mindfulness

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    In Tibetan, there’s a mantra known as Om mani padme Om, or Hail the jewel in the lotus heart. The mantra suggests that through our practices, we can begin to polish a jewel that resides inside the lotus petals of our heart. When this polished jewel begins to reflect radiant light in all directions, we begin to awaken our innate qualities of wisdom and compassion. This mindfully paced gentle practice will integrate vinyasa yoga, qigong and mindfulness practices that can help the jewel of our lotus heart shine.

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  • Harmonising Effort and Ease – Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation  29:27
    Harmonising Effort and Ease – Yoga, Qigong and Mindfulness Meditation

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    The Buddha emphsised using right effort in our actions and intentions in meditation and life. This practice looks at how we can approach strength building practices, especially in the legs, using right effort so that we create more space for awareness and less reactivity. We’ll also explore the idea in qigong of using intention, not force – or yong yi, buyong l – and apply it through a blend of yoga and qigong forms to explore how we can harmonise effort and ease.

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  • Soothe Your Soul21:46
    Soothe Your Soul

    Kirsty Norton

    A gentle, nourishing way to start or end the day. A steady hatha yoga hip opener with focus on the breath, especially for moving into calm and to release any tension and anxiety. Perfect for post-travel, or after work unravelling of the body and mind.

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