Anatomy › 30 to 45 mins

  • Yoga for Osteoporosis & Osteopenia37:53
    Yoga for Osteoporosis & Osteopenia

    Lucy & Ben Parker

    Osteoporosis is said to affect over 3 million people in the UK (NHS). This condition (and it’s younger sister osteopenia) affects the density of the bones and so their strength, resilience and support. In this video, Lucy & Ben explain in clear and simple terms what proactive measures can be taken to reduce the risks of developing these conditions. They explore how to work within certain parameters to help should you have a reduced bone density and finally offer a better understanding of opportunities to maintain the health of the bones. Remember, many people only learn of any weakness in their bones when they have suffered a fracture. As we age it’s vitally important that we protect the strength of our bones and respect the role they have in our health and mobility. Prevention really is key here, watch this video to find out how and why! Please note that all advice and recommendations in this film are given generally and do not constitute any form of an individual diagnosis or treatment plan. A consultation with a medical practitioner or registered physical therapist is recommended.

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  • Knee Stabilisation Workshop33:34
    Knee Stabilisation Workshop

    Andrew McGonigle

    Ease painful, swollen or stiff knees with this sequence from Dr Yogi, which will stabilise the knee area and build strength and stability in the knee joint. Includes Dr Yogi's advice on why the knee is vulnerable to injury and top tips to keep the knee safe during yoga. Whether sore knees are caused by sports and exercise or arthritis, regular and mindful use of this video will improve strength and mobility and reduce pain. You will need a block and blanket.

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