Gentle Yoga › 30 to 45 mins


  • Unwind & Declutter40:03
    Unwind & Declutter

    Catherine Annis

    A simple, Scaravelli class which teaches us how yoga can help to empty us. This class is perfect if you're feeling busy, anxious or overwhelmed. Just as we create space and de-clutter our house, it's also useful to de-clutter our minds and bodies as you move towards stillness. This class is almost entirely supine, working with bridge position - just exploring the space in the pelvis, the spine and the shoulders, and stretching hamstrings, then we move into standing postures . You will need a strap and a blanket.

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  • Relax Into The Feeling Body41:00
    Relax Into The Feeling Body

    Kirsty Norton

    This gentle, nurturing yoga class is not about the shapes that you may make, but is about how you feel during the practice. Become sensitive to how you feel so that you can bespoke the class to exactly that. Expect plenty of relaxing supine poses and some releasing lunges before opening the chest, hips and relaxing. A perfect class for releasing after a tough day.

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  • Induce Sleep32:57
    Induce Sleep

    Joo Teoh

    This class is a mixture of yoga and qigong to help you to release anxiety, quiet your mind, clear your mind and prepare for sleep. Movements are gengle and accessible and don't involve full stretches, you are encouraged to not take a full stretch, but to use a chair or perhaps the edge of your bed for some of the yoga poses.

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  • Get Moving: Standing Flow36:21
    Get Moving: Standing Flow

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    A qi-gong inspired gentle standing flow to move the hips, shoulders and gently build strength in legs and core. A fabulous class to cultivate steadiness, and an antidote to the business of sedentary modern life. The qi-gong inspired movements and water quality of softness in the poses are fabulous for building strength and stability. With no sun salutes, this class is great for most bodies including older bodies, those with limited mobility and pregnancy.

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  • Your Yin 5 A Day32:01
    Your Yin 5 A Day

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    Just as important as the right nutrition, is the right movement. These very simple five yin yoga poses, each held for 3 minutes will transform your body and your life. If you have a very active life and yoga practice, are an athlete or sit at a desk or in a car for long periods of time, this class, as a daily practice, will quietly and gently open your body. You may need a cushion or a bolster.

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  • Self Care Warming Flow42:00
    Self Care Warming Flow

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    Any time you want to take care of yourself, take this easy to follow sequence. Body taps and brushing give way to gentle repetitive moves that encourage every muscle to warm and open. Mindfully paced, sweet and kind, Mollie's class is suitable for most bodies. Ends with a gorgeous long relaxation. You may like to have a blanket ready if it's chilly.

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  • Qigong for Meridian & Joint Health36:08
    Qigong for Meridian & Joint Health

    Mimi Kuo-Deemer

    Energise your meridians and stimulate your joints with these gentle QiGong movements. Perfect to set you up for the day or settle you down for sleep, this all levels class will kindle optimal health and wellbeing, leaving you feeling your best.

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  • Hips and Hamstrings For All36:14
    Hips and Hamstrings For All

    Clive Fogelman

    An athlete's class and also wonderful for those who have just been driving, on a flight or been sitting for too long. The hips and the hamstrings are targeted in relaxing, supine stretches. This class is wonderful for your lower back and will give you spaciousness back in your spine and hips from the hamstring stretches.

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  • Cancer Survivors (3): Strengthening the Body31:33
    Cancer Survivors (3): Strengthening the Body

    Barbara Gallani

    The sequences in this session aim to strengthen the body through micro-movements and mindful leg and arm lifts using the support of the floor throughout. This is a grounding session which will allow you to deeply connect with your body while bringing strength to the muscles weakened by treatment or inactivity. This class is also great for those recovering from any bout of sickness or 'flu as your body gently gets its strength back.

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