Breath Work › 30 to 45 mins

  • New Moon Intention Meditation35:22
    New Moon Intention Meditation

    Dirish Shaktidas

    Set your intentions and start new beginnings with this Intention Meditation class for the New Moon. In this meditation we use gentle movement and breath work to open the body and mind; reset and clear the mind to be open to new intentions and new beginnings. After movement and breath work, there is a long relaxation to seal in the practice.

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  • Anatomy of Breathing42:05
    Anatomy of Breathing

    Lucy & Ben Parker

    You can hardly get through five minutes of any good yoga class without being reminded to breathe. Of course, all of us breathe every second of every day, we do it instinctively. However, how much do we all know about the mechanics of breathing and how we can optimise our breathing for our health and wellbeing? This yoga anatomy video offers an invaluable insight into the anatomy of your breath and how to use your breath on and off your yoga mat to help you feel good both physically as well as mentally. Please note that all advice and recommendations in this film are given generally and do not constitute any form of an individual diagnosis or treatment plan. A consultation with a medical practitioner or registered physical therapist is recommended.

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  • Breathwork for Health, Calm, Immunity and Migraines34:22
    Breathwork for Health, Calm, Immunity and Migraines

    Naomi Absalom

    Breathwork - the secret to great health and moving you from 'doing OK' to living your most vibrant life. In this class, Naomi leads us through some powerful breath practices which can radically help your life. The first practice serves to open up the breath through the lungs and the entire system - shifting any kind of erratic breath patterns or involuntary breath holds but also supporting immune function. The second is a beautifully calming breath that works to balance the chemistry of the body. If this is your second viewing of the video and you'd like the practices without the explanation, the practices start at 8 minutes. Do not practice this class if you are pregnant (although you can practice the second technique) and for some sufferers of anxiety, it may be useful to practice with a knowledgable teacher at first. Breathwork is more powerful than you may think!

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  • Quiet Time 3: Feel Your Breath30:10
    Quiet Time 3: Feel Your Breath

    Norman Blair

    An essential element of self-care is taking time to find and deepen your breath during gentle, accessible stretches. Most of this class is supine (on the back) so is suitable for those who are recuperating from illness or injury. You will need a strap.

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