Meditation › 30 to 45 mins


  • Calm Abiding Yin 33:28
    Calm Abiding Yin

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    Settle your energy, settle your focus in this very grounded Yin class which is focused around the Hara, your energy centre. This class is wonderful if you want to tune in to your intuition, your deep-seated centre. This is a heart and lung Yin yoga class. This class is great for overcoming sadness and grief, and is wonderful for clearing that which no longer serves you.

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  • Restorative Yoga43:41
    Restorative Yoga

    Clive Fogelman

    A very peaceful restorative class which which great for giving yourself some nurture at the end of a busy day. Great to help you to relax before you go to sleep, only a few, deep poses and plenty of guided visualisations/meditations. You will need cushions or a bolster.

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  • Light of Conciousness Meditation33:34
    Light of Conciousness Meditation

    Alexander Filmer-Lorch

    A meditation on consciousness. This meditation helps to bring more of the light of consciousness into the unknown parts of ourselves, essential for those of us on a path of inner-evolution, and even for those who aren't, this is essential for decision-making so that our true consciousness shines through in all decisions. This meditation shows us how to reduce the 'doing' and letting consciousness through 'allowing', which reduces resistance to the consciousness mind.

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  • Yoga Nidra with Graham31:41
    Yoga Nidra with Graham

    Graham Burns

    Graham introduces yoga nidra by briefly explaining the practice, then showing us how to set up and finally Graham treats us to a beautiful 20 minute yoga nidra practice Yoga nidra is yogic sleep. If you already know the practice and how to set up, scroll forward to 12 minutes through where Graham starts class. Prepare for deep rest and for your intentions to come to fruition.

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