Mindful Movement & Play › 30 to 45 mins

  • Playful Flow: Somatic Movement34:32
    Playful Flow: Somatic Movement

    Vanessa Michielon

    Have fun and play with rolling and spiralling movements. This mat-less somatic movement class takes place entirely on the floor and is a gentle way to play with movements and cultivate a healthy nervous system. Explore organic and fluid ways to stretch every body part and build efficiency and deep inner connection as we move through a sequence of movements from seated and supine poses. This is the ideal practice if you wish to learn how to move more effortlessly and gracefully while soothing your nervous system with a delicious slow flow. No need for a yoga mat, but you may wish to pad your knees.

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  • Somatic Movement: Feel the Heat34:34
    Somatic Movement: Feel the Heat

    Ava Riby-Williams

    An invigorating, energising and heating somatics and yoga class which experiments with different movements and tempos. Enjoy feeling your own feelings and your own body. Move in a way which warms the body: the perfect way to wake up!

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  • Groove Is In Your Heart Flow45:00
    Groove Is In Your Heart Flow

    Dirish Shaktidas

    Get ready to open up your heart chakra! Introducing an energising yoga, movement and dance flow. Enjoy awakening, enlivening movements - just dance and let the wings of your heart fly! Have fun with this all-levels movement class to invigorate and soften your edges. Just get your body moving in all directions, twisting, flowing and grooving - put on some music and have fun!

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  • Yoga To Re-Centre37:16
    Yoga To Re-Centre

    Naomi Absalom

    A creative movement practice that embodies the natural interchanging states of contraction and expansion. Moving from the centre out and back in again, this yoga class mirrors the flow of life, the shift in energy; expect juicy, fluid and fluent creative somatic movements. Challenge yourself to move in different ways, move with natural, fluid strength and flexibility. Perfect for when you've been at work all day and you just want a juicy, hip-freeing class to liberate your mind and body from modern life! Mostly wrist-free.

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  • Glute and Core Strength32:00
    Glute and Core Strength

    Zephyr Wildman

    A strengthening workout for the glutes, pelvic area and core, perfect for yogis who are often over-mobile - this sequence will help to prevent injury. Great for those who those of us who sit all day who have weak or under-used glutes, we really do need this class to strengthen and prevent back pain. Also a great class for those with diastasis recti from pregnancy and/or weak piriformis/glutes (which is most of us!) -but be ready for the burn. This sequence is focused on the hip stabilisers and core muscle relationship providing a stable base for the spine to advance in asana.

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  • Happy Hamstrings41:21
    Happy Hamstrings

    Mollie McClelland Morris

    This class focuses on exploring the range of hamstring movements, so we don’t overstretch the hamstrings, but instead hydrate, nourish and expand into our own potential. Expand to work your hamstrings in their full range, and remember, when stretching it’s healthy to move at between 60-80% of your potential. A really great class for all of us who are tight in the legs from everyday life. Mostly wrist-free. You will need a ball and an elastic theraband, if you one.

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