Champion of Change 5: Mimi Kuo-Deemer

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Mimi Kuo-Deemer is one of the most inspiring and scholarly yoga and qigong teachers you’re likely to meet. She combines a sense of humour in story telling, with telling us how it is. In this chat, Mimi shares her radical vision of a sustainable health and fitness. This is a vision in which we move for our health and wellbeing not for a sense of accomplishment. Where our target is to live more in tune with the natural world and our life’s rhythms.

Mimi shares how we can cultivate a sense of ease, wellbeing and spaciousness. A feeling of clarity and softness. That feeling which we get in the five minutes of savasana after a yoga class. But this feeling is available for all of us to feel each and every moment of every day, it’s just that we’re often way too busy to get there, which is such a shame. That feeling of balance in our lives should be available to us all, all of the time, but sometimes eludes us. This is the feeling in life that Mimi would have us all cultivate.

We discuss menopause, or what the Chinese call the Second Spring. In the traditional Chinese culture, there is no discomfort associated with menopause, just a blossoming. And how we reap what we sow in our life. Our symptoms in life are often a result of the way we life. The time to start to cultivate your future health is now!


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