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  • Permission To Play (2): Bolster Olympics11:33
    Permission To Play (2): Bolster Olympics

    David Kam

    A simple game in which we stand on the bolster and perform the 'olympics'! This challenges your balance and fires up your feet, in turn strengthening your legs particularly your ankles. A great workout for the hips, too. Find out what happens when the surface you stand on is not what you’re used to in this fun, playful movement class. You'll need a bolster.

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  • Permission To Play (1): Shoulder's Tea-time14:03
    Permission To Play (1): Shoulder's Tea-time

    David Kam

    Mobilise and gently strengthen your shoulders creatively. This playful movement class is a must for those dealing with shoulder injuries or tight shoulders. If you have an injured or weak shoulder, or are just protecting your shoulder, but would like to retain strength in your shoulder, the shoulder's teacup is a fabulous exercise, inspired by qigong. Also a fantastic warm up for safely practising specific movements like wild thing and crowning your pigeon. You will need two blocks or books.

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  • Tadasana: The Blueprint Pose11:54
    Tadasana: The Blueprint Pose

    Kristin Campbell

    Finding your alignment in Tadasana is perhaps the most important yoga pose. In this yoga tutorial Kristin shows us how to find correct alignment in Tadasana, the mountain pose. Then Kristin goes on to show us how to find the same Tadasana alignment in Warrior 2, extended side angle pose, triangle pose and half moon pose including how to keep the knee protected during side angle poses. Essential watching for us all!

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  • Release Your Neck; Reduce Fatigue26:07
    Release Your Neck; Reduce Fatigue

    Andrew McGonigle

    This class is a workshop-style yoga class to target areas that hold tension in the neck, causing fatigue. The class focuses on head and neck alignment, jaw release and strength and shoulder mobility. With exercises to gain awareness of where we might be unnecessarily straining our neck and holding tension, we explore head aligment and then use neck and shoulder stretches and strengthening exercises to help release tension. You will need a blanket, foam block, cushion and a strap.

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  • Yoga Fundamentals: Journey through the Breath and Bandhas 15:41
    Yoga Fundamentals: Journey through the Breath and Bandhas

    Sylvia Garcia

    We all know that breath and bandhas are crucial to the practice of yoga, but sometimes we forget to use the breath and bandhas in our practice. This class is a re-visit to the fundamentals in a straightforward class covering some of the fundamental poses.

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  • Be a Warrior Not a Worrier!19:44
    Be a Warrior Not a Worrier!

    Andrea Kwiatkowski

    An alignment focused Hatha class based at the wall for standing poses, including the warrior poses. This class uses the wall, two yoga bricks and a strap to make sure that your standing poses are perfectly alighted for your body. The wall is used to give us information as to our alignment. This class is an invaluable tool for checking your standing pose alignment.

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  • Ashtanga: Sun Salutations A & B11:28
    Ashtanga: Sun Salutations A & B

    Charlie Taylor-Rugman

    Charlie gives top tips on alignment as he guides us though us through Sun salutation A & B the first 2 sequences in the Ashtanga yoga. Explanations of hand and feet placement, jumping or stepping. Includes modifications for less experienced students.

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