Kristin Campbell

Kristin Campbell

Kristin practices self-care (self-love) with yoga, meditation, yoga-nidra, breathwork and living ayurvedically, which means to live according to the daily and seasonal rhythms.
Ayurveda (ayur - life, veda – knowledge) is intuitive and within reach; it’s literally considered kitchen medicine, simply treat the body with food first. That said, Kristin is obsessed with the power and healing potential of food! She loves it all; from kitchari to fermented foods , from superfoods to roasted yams, from watermelon radishes to fish tacos, get in her belly!

Outside of teaching, mentoring and leading global yoga-teacher-trainings, you might find Kristin brewing water-kefir, picking snap peas off the vine, at the lake with her friends and a whole lotta wildling kids in tow, sipping a fabulous mushroom and fat infused coffee, or playing outdoors in the beauty of her surroundings in Squamish BC.

In other news, Kristin is also an innovator and entrepreneur through and true;
• In 2002 Kristin co-¬founded NeoAlpine Yoga, Whistler’s first Yoga Studio which is now named NeoWhistler, a YYoga studio which she owned and directed until 2010,
• In 2012 Kristin founded Tapasya Yoga (pronounced tah-pah-syah). Tapasya means to be with intensity of the sake of transformation and is a spiritually uplifting, alignment-based method of Hot-Hatha and Hatha-Vinyasa yoga. Although each studio has branded their Hot class differently, Tapasya Hot-Hatha + Hatha-Vinyasa inspired classes and teacher trainings are being offered in the UK, Europe and Canada,\
• In Sept 2015 Kristin co-founded Squamish Water Kefir Co. Water kefir is a centuries-old fermented drink that is packed full of the probiotics and beneficial enzymes that our bodies love. Kefir, by the way, is pronounced "kuh-feer".

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