Champions Of Change 11: Adam Hocke

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How did Adam go from being the stiffest guy in yoga class to becoming a yoga teacher? Perhaps this is the reason why Adam’s classes are so down to earth. The inclusivity of his yoga practice is a hallmark of Adam Hocke’s classes and his approach to yoga as a tool for mental management, his very modern, science-based view of what yoga is, and his thoughts on how yoga could be so crucial for helping men’s mental health makes him  truly a Champion of Change.

In this wide-ranging chat, Adam shares his thoughts on what is yoga now, how humour is a tool to find the middle road of the present moment, not the ‘ideal’ of the pose. Adam is so passionate about using yoga as a tool in his toolkit, for some tasks but not all! It a wonderful practice to work on being happy, being present, management of the nervous system, how to breathe through challenge. But it isn’t the best thing for everything. What are the limitations of yoga?

It’s never been more important to give men tools for their mental as well as physical health, and yoga would be a wonderful tool for men. But why is it that the ‘Real Men do Yoga’ campaigns are so unhelpful? How can we all encourage more men to practice yoga? Find out more in this fascinating podcast with one of the real thinkers of yoga.

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