Meet Kiranjot, Kundalini yoga teacher

Meet Kiranjot

We’re excited that Kundalini yoga teacher Kiranjot is joining the teaching team at Movement for Modern Life. Meet Kiranjot and find out what inspires her to move.

What do you teach and why?

I’ve taught Kundalini Yoga for 11 plus years. I love it so much, the teachings are profound and the yoga works so effectively it would almost be a crime not to teach.

What brought you to yoga?

I had long suffered with depression and anxiety but by my late twenties I’d woken up to the fact that depression wasn’t actually me. Soon after I found Kundalini Yoga and instantly recognised this was what was going to help me the root out my problems.

What motivates you?

Getting messages from people about how much it’s helped them get through major transitions in their life.

What is your favourite way to unwind?

Pottery. I find it almost more meditative than Meditation !

You are also a Birth Doula. Can you tell us more about how your yoga practice and your work as a Birth Doula influence each other.

They’re so similar!! Both are ways to guide people through profound life changing states where they can experience they are so much stronger and more powerful than they ever knew before.

Which living teachers / thinkers most inspire you, and why?

I have many teachers, Gurmukh is my main Kundalini Yoga Teacher, she’s so inspirational she’s fierce, strong, radiant and 76, the living proof Kundalini yoga works.

Two more of my favourite inspirational people are Elizabeth Gilbert for her radical femininity and gung-ho activism and Ellen Degeneres. Whenever I need perking up I’ll watch her, the sun literally shines out of face. She makes me laugh out loud and has so much good will to share with the world.

Which one daily practice would make us all feel better?

There’s a practice in Kundalini called ego eradicator. It stimulates the navel chakra with a powerful breath, it works to clears the auric field of garbage and gives you a better boost than coffee.

>> Why not try this Kundalini class from Kiranjot?<<


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